Remedies for Moon (Gems, Mantra, Yantra and Remedies) for planet Moon; Fasting (Vrata) for planet Moon; Use of Roots to pacify the malefic effects of Moon   Remedies for the Functional Malefic Planets Moon. This is the most dreaded period in the life of a person. This article talks about simple, easy and natural remedies to get rid of all  If Moon is in debilitated and or weak in your birth chart and you are suffering its Indian astrology recommends some remedies to reduce the malefic impact of  Remedies to please Moon and cure Chandra Dosha, people are advised to donate Rice, grains, Camphor, White-cloth, silver, conch, white sandal, white flower,  The remedial medicine bag of the Jyotishi (Vedic astrologer) includes tools . Moon is said to be the fastest planet and after lagna it is the moon which moves faster. A weak Sun in Remedies for reducing adverse effects of a weak Moon. Moon is said to be malefic if it is in aspected or is associated with malefic planets or is in Scorpio Rasi or is situated in 4th, 6th, 8th, or 12th house. The remedies are: Offering food to cows is also traditional. Rahu controls chaos, Mystery and cruelty and is associated with materialistic desires. A simplified example is: while you are driving very fast (a weak moment), you happen to come in to a stretch of bad road and it is raining (malefic conditions ). Learn about the remedies for avoiding the malefic effects of Saturn retrogression. She is the ‘Queen of the Planets’ and controls the emotional quotient and mental abilities of a human. Beej Mantra for Planet Moon: " Om shraam shreem shroom sah chandraye namaha " Other Important Links : - : Remedies for Planet Moon in Astrology Namaste and thanks for the article ,very informative; one suggestion–by mistake headings of rahu and ketu paragraph are interchanged -(- in the article Nine Planets & Their Associated Herbs ! Ayurveda Remedies ), please rectify regards. Powerised herbs poojan of chandra graha; Powerised spiritual art of chandra graha is to be kept Chandra Graha Shanti Tantric Puja. Remedies for Malefic Planets Lal Kitab's remedial measures are regarded as one of the best in astrology. Moontakes whole one month for the completion of its transit through the 12 zodiac signs and it stays in one sign for a period of around two and a half days. The profession remained a constant area of worry in the life of the native. Depression is not a rare disease it is very common disease now a days. In the same way, there are many types of astrological remedies that we can do based on our Moon signs to make sure that we don't fall prey to bad times. If Rahu in 10th house is malefic then it would adversely affect ones mother or native's health would also be bad. Remedies 1. It is critical that we analyse BB’s sign / constellation and respective dispositors (sign lord, nakshatra), positioning from Moon, natal aspects on BB, House representation from arudha perspective. Moon-related afflictions are helped by service to one's mother or wife, and charity to elderly needy women. Remedies to Avoid Malefic Effects of Saturn. Certain karmas appear to teach some lesson to the individual. Malefic Moon and its result during its Major period for 10 years The remedies help in absorbent and enhancing the effect of the planet if it is auspicious but if the remedies are accomplished for an inauspicious planet, they help to reduce negative effects. The planet Moon will certainly bring good health, money, achievement in career, profession and business. It is the south node of the moon and mythological known as the Results of malefic and weak Sun & its Remedies Sun is natural significatior of father, power, authority, soul, confidence and respect. Health problems, relation with father, obsctacles in career Planetary combination for depression and its remedies. The mental strength and emotion of any person depend on the situation of Moon in the horoscope. To appease the malefic effects of Sun, worship Goddess Matangi or Sun God. Now I am describing, about some simple remedies, which will protect different malefic effects of Moon, called Chandra Dosha. These remedies (upayas), solutions and tips should be performed only if the relevant planet is malefic (giving bad results) either in the natal chart or in the lal kitab varshkundli (annual chart). Your nature, behavior and actions are majorly affected. A Kavach for strengthening the functional benefic planets and charities for propitiating the functional malefic planets were suggested. Moon is considered to give average results if she transits within Dashami (tenth day) from New Moon of a month. When Rahu gives malefic effect by staying in 10 th person, the person have lot of health issues. Surya For Surya or Sun related troubles and during the dasa or antardasa of sun: 1. 14 Sep 2019 In many combinations, Rahu has highly malefic effects. 1. So, if you relate to any of the above mentioned problems caused by a malefic Sun, then we advise you to perform some simple remedies to improve the condition of Sun. If Rahu isn’t favourable in the birth chart, then chanting the Beej Mantra 18000 times can help. Rahu remedies is decided as per horoscope to mitigate its malefic effects and gives great opportunity and power to rise. Moon + Mars in 12th House: Auspicious According to Vedic Astrology, there are seven planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn including with two shadowy planets Rahu and Ketu which own particular house of your horoscope. Pls can u tell me what future holds for me. Remedies for Malefic Planets in Horoscope - When one or more planets in a horoscope becomes debilitated, combust, conjunct Rahu / Ketu or malefic, or owns/occupies 6,8,12 houses it gives negative Remedies for Malefic Sun in Horoscope The Sun is Vishnu, the lord of presentation, is the father of our solar system, around which all planets resolve. Home Simpler Remedies for Rahu –Rahu represents forefathers, ancestors. Rahu in 1st House. Benefic and Malefic Planets in Astrology Posted by Chris Brennan on June 28, 2007 at 4:09 am 13 Comments In addition to the basic significations of each the seven visible planets, each is also assigned a somewhat intrinsic status as a natural ‘benefic’ or ‘malefic’, or a planet may attain such status functionally due to its condition When one or more planets in a horoscope becomes debilitated, combust, conjunct rahu/ketu or malefic, or owns/occupies 6,8,12 houses it gives negative results. The planet Saturn is known to go by the name ‘Shani’ and whilst being the slowest moving planet in space, its effect on kundalis is identified to be quite strong. In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is considered a malefic planet by nature. Wear silver. Bathe Using Products Related to Mars . Malefic Jupiter: Take two pieces of gold of equal weight and at the time of actual marriage ceremony give one piece to the groom/bride and throw the other piece in to the river. calculated according to the Moon sign also. h . Listening to this, Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan Chakra at the demon and cut him into two pieces. Choudhry of Gurgaon, India, is based on classical Jyotish principles, tested under the empirical studies of more than 100,000 charts over a 20-year period. Yantra is commonly known for its usefulness regarding planet related problems. Under the malefic effects, the individuals might feel emotionally weak and may not able to do good in their profession. In general, the 1st house belongs to Mars and Sun. Being with Mars, Jupiter is a strong benefic (see above). Are problems in life hampering your growth? Vedic Yantras can help you achieve power, wealth and prosperity with Vedic Yantras; Tantras - the science of cosmic principle - can dispel the evil obstructions from your lives and enhance the positive aura Saturn(shani) transits to Sagittarius(dhanu rashi) Sade sati –2018/19/20 Predictions What is the role of Saturn and why is it dreaded? In any Kundali or Horoscope, Saturn (shani) is one of the most powerful malefic- that rules the sign of Capricorn (makar) and Aquarius(kumbha rashi). Remedies for Malefic Sun: Therefore if Venus is placed with the malefic planets in the sign of the sun or the moon, i. If Rahu is malefic and the Moon is also weak then the native will suffer from poverty and native’s mother would also suffer. Complications signified by Moon are Urinary diseases, Lack of Mental Balance, insanity, nervousness, throat troubles, asthma, bronchitis etc. Also if Moon is waning or conjoined with Sun or become the lord of 3rd / 6th / 11th house, become malefic in Nature. Number 18 is related to the Moon. Jupiter, the Sun and Mars are inauspicious. Planets & Transits News: Ketu in 4th House Meaning, effects & Remedies - Ketu is an imaginary but powerful planet in Hindu astrology. These remedies will help to make weak Venus (Shukra) stronger & positive favorable for both males and female. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are natural benefics. Mars (Kuja or Mangal) is a red and fiery planet born out of Earth. Major malefic effect is you will loose your mind. Read this blog to know more on Effects and Remedies for Planet Rahu. Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab, Tantrik remedies for malefic Sun in 12 houses of personal horoscope. Remedies taken in a timely manner can sometimes stop any problems from occurring or bring us out of the bad times with less efforts. LAL KITAB - MOON EFFECT IN VARIOUS HOUSES AND REMEDIES - Result of Moon in Various House and Remedies thereof in Lal Kitab Moon governs over impregnation, conception, birth of a child and the AT-162 : This Solomon’s Special Moon Talisman is a 2-in-1 Double Power Astrological Planetary Amulet featuring the 5th & 6th Pentacles of Moon on Front & Back – from the ‘Greater Key of Solomon’. Ketu Neutral Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn Moon and its remedies according to So Rahu and Ketu convey their malefic energy to the planet or house they   12 Oct 2013 Sun is purifying planet, it is mild malefic, cruel, and purifying the things Combust Moon (conjunction of Sun and Moon) represents emotions,  2 Feb 2017 Plant Astrology - Remedies to get relief from sufferings Different Moon: Dhak ( English Name: Butea); Khirni (English name: Ceylon iron Wood of Gular tree is used for havana to calm down the effects of malefic Venus. How astrological remedies for malefic Rahu can help? Chandra Yantra for Moon Remedies . Venus also happens to be placed in the sign of the malefic moon in this chart and   22 Jan 2019 There are astrological remedies for malefic Rahu that will solve all your problems . Collecting char coal, altering toilet, installing oven in the ground and alteration of the roof in the house would be indicative of malefic. Trending. Chanting of Mantra and Stotra: For removing effects of malefic Moon, Mantra and Stotra related to Moon are chanted. Remedies for Moon Moon, the queen among the imperial stars is considered as the most influential planet in Vedic Astrology, primarily the reason why Moon sign is held to be more important than Sun sign. Do not distribute sweets on the birth of a child. Bath and Donation for malefic results of the Moon - 1. Offer 400 gm coriander or almonds, or both in 1) Effects of Rahu in Various Houses –2) Results of Rahu Mahadasha and 3) Effective Remedies for Malefic Rahu Rahu and Kethu as Planets in Vedic Astrology:- R ahu the North node of the Moon, known as dragons head is treated as a planet in Vedic astrology. Worshipping Goddess Durga and obtaining the blessings of small girls by touching their feet after serving them food and sweets. Chandra Dosh Nivaran, Remedies For Malefic Moon Vaibhava Nath Sharma. Chandra Nivaran Puja nullifies this dosha. In this state the impacts of Moon would be negative or malefic to make their life worst on account of the wrath of Moon upon them. If we are depressed then what is the reason for depression. . The planet is like a mirror, which shows our present condition. Lalkitab Remedies for Moon in 6th house. 4. a) If Moon is afflicted by Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun and Ketu, you can get the  There are several vedic mantras and remedies for the planets prescribed in various books of scriptures. Not every malefic hemming is bad, it depend on in which sign hemming is happening and the result may vary. The good results will be accentuated several fold when such a powerful Moon is associated with a powerful owner of the IV, IX or X house. If the Moon is malefic, it will cause great loss of wealth and money at the age of the malefic planet placed in the 9th house. e. One can perform Puja and Fire rituals to pacify planet Moon. Please note that just like the other articles, this one too is based on the talks/show by Astro Uncle Pawan Sinha. Remedies for Malefic Influence of Moon Moon is considered as the controller of minds, water and all kinds of liquid content which is present in the bodies of human beings. Can u pls suggest some remedies nad gemstone and other remedies to get rid of all problems. Similarly, if the Moon is malefic and the Sun is placed in the 12th house, then the native or his wife or both will have severe eye defects and troubles. One can also keep fast and offer donations to brahmins, General Remedies for planet Moon ₹3,000. g. For Mars, worship Goddess Baglamukhi, Lord Hanuman or lord Karthikeya etc. One should chant the following chandra gayatri mantra daily. 20 Sep 2019 Impact of a malefic Sun in the Kundli or Horoscope. If the Moon in your horoscope is afflicted by malefic planet, debilitated or in its enemy sign, so you need to understand that you need the remedy for Moon. Moon occupying one of the asterisms of Rahu on the day of wearing is another factor which improves the auspiciousness. Get lal kitab remedies for Jupiter, lal kitab remedies for jupiter in 7th house, remedies for jupiter in 8th house, jupiter remedies, malefic jupiter remedies, jupiter remedies astrology, jupiter effects and remedies, remedies for weak jupiter in horoscope, jupiter mahadasha remedies, remedies for weak Jupiter, astrological remedies for malefic Jupiter, guru graha remedies. It should be worn in ring finger of right hand after being washed with gangajal / unboiled milk. When Moon comes in conjunction with Jupiter in 6th, 8th or 12th house, it will have adverse results than good results since Jupiter rules the 6th house of disease for the native. Remedies (1) Serve milk to your father with your own hands. These remedies should in fact, be performed by everyone, because, we feel that, to find someone with an 100% unblemished Sun is a rarity. The effects of Saturn, Shani Shanti Mantra and other mantras, Shani Graha remedies, and Maha Dasha. So to reduce the impact of the malefic Moon on the person's birth chart they should perform either of the following offerings to tide over the ill- effects of Moon. namaami shashinaM somaM shambhormukuTabhuushhaNam. Moon Stotra. We are giving bellow the most effective ones in our experience. Moon in 4th House ( Of course, the 4 H also should be taken into consideration ). While it does suggest wearing natural Jyotish gemstones, there is a lot more that one needs to know about astrology. It mitigates the malefic effects of Planet Moon (also the infections during New Moon & Full Moon) and placates it (Chandra Preethi). The health of children and parents will be afflicted. Mantras are recommended to reduce the negative impacts caused due to certain malefic planets. 18 Feb 2019 Moon represents mother, thus those under the strong influence of a weak can use the remedies for the weak moon at Pearl. DadhishaN^khatushhaaraabhaM kshiirodaarNavasaMbhavam. REMEDIES Other Budh Dosh Remedies. We are giving bellow the most effective ones in our  Kemadruma yoga, is one of the most important Yogas formed by Moon. Remedies for Malefic Jupiter. When Moon becomes malefic in the 10th house, the native will suffer in life and become ill famed. Remedies for Weak and Malefic Jupiter. Remedies for Moon (Gems, Mantra, Yantra and Remedies) Result of Moon according to its position in house/sign; Birth in same Nakshatra (Star) of Father, Mother, Brother or Sister Lalkitab Remedies for Moon in 10th house, Chandra in 10th House – Lalkitab remedies. Astrology Remedies To Get Pregnant and tips for conceiving baby will given you answer about when will i get pregnant astrology prediction. Rahu represents indulgence. , wheat and jaggery when a son If the moon is afflicted from a malefic planet in the horoscope, then the remedies related to the moon planet must be done. If Rahu is malefic and the Moon is also weak then the native will suffer from poverty and native's mother would also suffer. Malefic Ketu present on 5th house can cause miscarriage on a girl chart. The planet Saturn is Shani in Vedic astrology. The tone and frequency for reciting the mantra are also important to get the desired effect. In Vedic astrology, eclipsing and holding of moon related textiles and products, etc. In astrology there are malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) if they conjunct or aspected Moon give afflicted Moon. The remedies of Lal Kitab must be observed during the day [in the presence of sun]. Let's discuss the remedies of malefic Mars during its transit. Remedies work in two ways: one is strengthening a weak planet (sometimes strong planet also) and other is creating protection from the malefic planet. We should perform suitable remedies for the malefic effects of the planet when it is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu. Get Rahu-Ketu report to know your personalized predictions and remedies for the malefic . Rahu is also behind the instant success or failure of a person. For personal consultation please contact on +91-9156972869 and @- mandarpandharpurkar@gmail. Japa of the rahu beeja mantra: Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah, 18000 times in 40 days. If any of the planet is malefic do the following remedies to reduce the ill effects Benefic & Malefic Planets For Each Ascendant. Remedies For Kala Sarpa Dosha in KT Astrologer Written by KT Astrologer Kala Sarpa Dosha is formed when all planets (Sun,Moon,Mars,Mercury,Jupiter,Venus, Saturn) are in between the sarpa grahas (Rahu and Ketu). If Moon is alone in 4th house then native's eyes are adversely affected. The Systems’ Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes, as developed by Professor V. This bath is also beneficial for the Manglik Yoga in your birth chart. Astrological Remedies for Bad Planetary Effects: Before going outside, eat some sweets and drink some water, donation of jiggery, copper and wheat, immerse the copper coin in the flowing water of a pond and read the sacred Purana – Harivanshpuran. Remedies. It also represents diseases such as leprosy, skin diseases, breathing problems, ulcers etc. Remedies for Malefic Planets (According to Raashis in the Horoscope) During Marriage or Marriage Anniversary Malefic Jupiter: Take two pieces of gold of equal weight. If ketu is aspected by natural and functional benefic, then there will not be any issues. Below are some of the remedies that will help remove depression. There are several remedies for reducing or eliminating the malefic of planet Budha. Remedies for Ketu weak, debilitated or affected by malefic planets. Lal Kitab & Tantric Remedies for Malefic Saturn in Horoscope - Vedic Astrology Items similar to Vedic Numerology Reading Report on Etsy MOON - Malefic effects of Moon - Chandra. In case if above mentioned problems caused by a malefic Sun, then it is advised to perform following remedies to improve the condition of Sun. If you are born in the Gandmoola,  5 Aug 2013 We constanly recommend that people work on making the Moon stronger along with their mukhya graha/main planet and praying to their "isht". Moon in astrology, horoscope and mythology, Mantras and Remedies for Moon in horoscope, career, Nature of Moon: Benefic when waxing otherwise malefic. You can see our Navagraha Poojas section for various levels of Shantis for the planets from here. If Rahu in 10th house is with Moon it gives Raja Yoga. If you wish to appease any planet, it is simple to establish Yantra of that particular planet, and is equally powerful and effective as a gemstone or other remedial measures. In Vedic Astrology, it is believed that appropriate astral remedial measures have a capacity to mitigate the evils in life. The auspicious Moon will bring happiness from children, houses and material success for the native running through the Mahadasha of Moon. Chandra Dosha Remedies. The 4th house is weak and its lord is under the influence of malefic planets then the remedies to strengthen the 4th house should be done. 5. SUN. Malefic : Here we are giving both types of remedies for benefit of the people – Simple Home remedies & Vedic expert planetary remedy for Rahu, North Node of Moon - Chants of Rahu mantra & then concluding it with Yagna to pacify malefic effects & bestow blessings. Scorpio ( Vrischika ): Jupiter, as well as the Moon are benefics, the Moon and the Sun are Rajayoga planets. Lal Kitab & Tantric Remedies for Malefic Saturn in Horoscope - Vedic Astrology Items similar to Vedic Numerology Reading Report on Etsy Remedies for malefic Saturn in 12 houses As the slowest moving planet and the chief signification for longevity, Saturn is a barren, binding, cold, dry, hard, defensive and secretive planet. Here Moon is Malefic and posited in malefic houses. How to improve the condition of Moon in a vedic horoscope or chart. Get here a detailed description about effects and remedies of all planets. 5th Lord is in a Trika house duly debilitated and Moon is conjunct with a malefic planet. Jupiter and Moon do not affect Rahu in any way. Even if Moon is a benefic planet, it is not affected by kendrathipati dosha. The remedies of the traditional astrology are time-consuming and costly, the remedies of the Lal Kitab are simple, easy and cheap. Tuesday, October 29 2019. That is- as a result of the transit- when Sun is set in a favorable position and Saturn is a Vedha position, they do not oppose each other. in. So, whenever or wherever, you find any wounded animal , help him by providing him medial aid and food. If someone is born under the malefic influence of Ketu should also take care of dogs and provide shelter to street dogs. The one that is bad or malefic should be neutralised through puja, mantra chanting and offerings. Repeat the mantras at least 108 times. In this article we give you details on how to make the Moon stronger. com. 2. Moon waning is malefic and so is a malefic associated Mercury. I think about 60 to 79 percent of our world population feel stress and depressed in their life path but the question is that why they feel so. The Moon is one of the most important planets that should be balanced in one's horoscope apart from the mukhya graha/main planet and praying to the isht. Any one of them or a combination of two or three would suffice to remove Budha Dosh/Mercury Malefic Effects. K. 5 software - A Complete Package of Astrological Solutions. One such important transit is traversal of Shani in the 8th house from the natal moon or the ascendant and is popularly known as Ashtam Shani. SADE SATI - THE SATURN'S MALEFIC PERIOD . Below is the detailed description of Rahu Transit in Cancer from 18 th August 2017 for each Moon Sign. 5th Lord is in a Trika house, malefics placed in Lagna and 5th; and Moon is in Navamsha of a malefic. Functional malefic and benefic planets in Birth Chart, Indian Astrology, Lagna: Karak and Marak Grah, Raja Yoga Karaka for Aries-Taurus-Gemini-Cancer-Leo-Virgo-Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius-Pisces. Debilitated Moon in 5th; malefic in 4th and Saturn be in 11th house. But if the Moon is malefic in the 6th house and Mercury is placed in the 2nd or 12th house, the native will have suicidal tendencies. Remedies for the Ill effects of the planet The moon and Mercury and capable of conferring great benefits and position. So with the reasons behind a delayed marriage being spelled out, the question to be asked is what are the remedies to this problem? If Rahu is malefic and the Moon is also weak then the native will suffer from poverty and native's mother would also suffer. Vedic astrological remedies blog includes all kinds of astrological, vastu, spiritual, psychological and meditation related remedies for your health, wealth, career, business, money issues, marriage issues, children career, love life, solutions for black magic, best tips for meditation, chakras and aura clearance and lots more. Moon: Effects and Remedies 3. Remedies offer long term relief and good conduct affects permanently. In all such cases the best remedy is to strengthen the Moon. If the Ascendant is vitiated by a malefic, the native suffers from the hallucination of defeat ( Lagne Papagathe Parajaya Bhaya Siroruja ). However all these Vedic remedies come at a cost (Expert Priest cost +Havan material +donation after the remedy & Bramahan bhoj), which may not be affordable by everyone. 3. Wear Ruby Gemstone on Sunday one hour of the sunrise set in gold, copper or silver ring, touching the skin of the finger. 5″) AT-505 Maximizing the Positives of Moon Effects & Minimizing the Negatives of the Moon Effects; Pacification of Planet Moon – Chandra Preethi Saturn if placed in own signs of Capricorn (Makara) or Aquarius (Kumbha) and aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus delivers different results according to Vedic Astrology. Thus with the help of Bhagyasamhita we can take the benefits of remedies of Moon in each house of one’s horoscope. Planetary Remedies For Weak or Malefic Moon Moon is considered as the most influential of all the Nine Planets in Vedic astrology. In addition, when Sun aspects the sixth lord or seventh lord and afflicted it during its transit then these remedies can reduce problems of the person and will bless him with the prosperous life. Suppose Moon, Mars and Jupiter are together in the same chart. Malefic Moon : Place a small vessel of milk under the pillow at night and water the “keekar’ tree with that milk in morning. Throw one into the flowing water after marriage and the other may be kept permanently by the native. Dirt and stealth is what the lord of this planet does not like at all. If a planet is malefic and the native is unmarried, the upaye be performed at the time of marriage of the native, which will be very fruitful UPAYES FOR IMMEDIATE RELIEF Some immediate relief can be obtained from the following methods. Wednesday, October 30 2019. Remedies for Malefic Mars(Chevaai) in Vedic Horoscope and Chevvai Dasa. Moon is the planet of mind. But the waning moon in Krishna Paksha cannot be considered beneficial. • Stop wearing white clothes, and perfumes. dOB 25-Jan-1980, 11:33am, Mumbai. Gemstone of Mercury Malefic Effects: It is recommended to wear an Emerald (Panna) gemstone to remove Budha Dosh or enhance the benefices of Mercury. Natives born with Moon Sign as Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces will get bad results of this transit. Sometimes the placement of Moon in the horoscope chart of some people becomes harsh either because of ill-placement of Moon or by lower dignity or bal of Moon or by both. Remedies for Ketu. Tags Ganesh Chalisa, Ketu Mahadasha Remedies, Ketu Remedies, Ketu Strotram, Shiva Panchakshari Stotra As per Vedic Astrology, general home based Ketu Remedies for dosha or problems related with ill effects of malefic Ketu graha during its mahadasha or antardasa in horoscope of males and females. Jupiter & Venus become malefics when afflicted by angular ownership ( Kendradhipatya Dosha ). Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon(Chandra): Do not marry between the age of 24 and 27 years, i. Wear or keep at home Rahu yantra. The remedies of the Lal Kitab have been divided into three categories as trial, remedy, and good conduct. Beej mantra should be recited as "Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah". in 6th, 8th or 12th house, conjunction with the malefic planets specially Saturn, aspect of malefic planets on Moon, Moon is hemmed between malefic planets, Moon is placed alone in a House with no other planets on either side, Moon is posited with Sun. It is a legendary master of con and deception and signifies … Remedies for Malefic Influence of Moon People should remove malefic influence of planets and maintain their peace. Remedies for Pitra Dosh. Offer 400 gm coriander or almonds, or both in Curses In Horoscope, Impacts In Life and Powerful Remedies The malefic moon is the main reason of Mother curse. Blood, relation with siblings, Real Estate, courage, sports, police In Cancer ascendant, Jupiter becomes a functional malefic planets along with Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. It also gives good results during its dasha and antardasha. Rahu graha effects, powerful remedies, Tantra pooja to make rahu favourable. Remedies for malefic planets Remedies, one of the most powerful elements of Vedic Astrology, are the technique of communicating with the disturbing planetary energies with the help of tools like rituals, prayers, spiritually-endowed sound vibrations, and therapies using gems, colors, and mindful exercises. The sanskrit word Ku(earth) + ja (born from) signifies how this planet is formed. REMEDIES FOR MANGLIK DOSHA. The use of water and sweet, which is mentioned above signifies that one may take help of Moon and Mars who are Sun’s friends as remedial measures to cast away the negative influences caused by malefic Sun placed in seventh house. 5 Tips To Ward Off Saturn’s Malefic Effects That You Must Know Moon (2) muhurat (6 Know everything about how to remove the bad influence of all the nine planets by following the remedies for each planets. - Offering service to one's mother is a must. But if the Moon is in own house or exalted, the maleficity will be reduced or negligible in nature. There will be wealth, happiness, gain and comforts throughout the period. Easy remedies for planet Moon; Fasting (Vrata) for planet Moon; Use of Roots to pacify the malefic effects of Moon; Hawan stuffs used to pacify the malefic effects of planet Moon; Bath and Donation for planet Moon; Yantra for Planet Moon; Remedies for Mars (Gems, Mantra, Yantra and Remedies) Result and Remedies of Mars according to its position Know 5 effective remedies to get rid of malefic effects of Shani. Moon : Effects and Remedies As explained in the preceding issue, the Sun is regarded as the generator of power that gives spirit and life to all planets, the Moon is considered to be the conductor of power lent by Sun and rules over the lives of the beings on this earth. Even when Rahu is in an inauspicious position in the horoscope, its negative influence can be diminished by traditional remedies and wearing Rahus Gemstone. , silver or rice, after the birth of a daughter and the things associated with the Sun e. The measures suggested in Lal-Kitab are electrically effective in solving all kinds of human troubles without inflicting harm on anybody. Remedies (1) Wear silver. In this verse Maharishi Parashara says that the benefic planets looses their beneficence and Malefic planets loses their maleficence if they lord Kendras. Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon + Mercury 1) If they are giving malefic results, mother and daughter should not live together or do not indulge in any mechanical or skilled working especially before 34 years of age. It signifies If Rahu is malefic, and the Moon is also weak, then the native will suffer in terms of property and native's mother will also suffer. MOON IS BENEFIC BUT BE CAREFUL OF HER. Natural benefics are Jupiter, Venus, Moon & Mercury. In this post, I have described traditional Indian astrological remedies to ward-off any kind of Surya and Chandra Dosha by performing simple remedies to appease these deities. You can also donate money to orphanages. i shall be obliged if u could help me to come out of problems and guide me. Remedies for Venus. The academic career was just average. Remedi es of planet Moon according to Vedic Astrology. REMEDIES But if the Moon is malefic in the 6th house and Mercury is placed in the 2nd or 12th house, the native will have suicidal tendencies. Remedies for Mars. Kendradhipati Dosha (KD),kendradipatya dosha, ownership of quadrants by benefics,malefic planet owning a quadrant ,kendradhipati dosha jupiter,kendradhipati dosha cancellation,kendradhipati dosha effect,how to determine which planet is malefic or benefic,kendradhipati dosha mercury,kendradhipati dosha remedies,kendradhipati dosha jyotish Indianastrology2000. By doing these remedies, auspicious results are obtained. also, a strong moon may mean moon related health issues like heart, circulation, and blood-related problems. Like Like Moon and Diabetes in Astrology: If Moon is afflicted or badly influenced by Sun or Mars in any watery sign. Offer 400 gm coriander or almonds, or both in If the Moon is malefic, it will cause great loss of wealth and money at the age of the malefic planet placed in the 9th house. The count of mantra chanting should be 1, 3, 5 or 7 rosary. It is done to reduce the malefic effects and enhance the In Astrology, great importance has been given to Moon. com recommends the following 4 Astrological Remedies– Mantra - Vedic Mantras are the mystic sounds from the historical Vedas that usually correspond to that particular planet. To the cast of the malefic effects of Rahu, worship Goddess Chinnmasta, Durga or Saraswati. This article talks about simple, easy and natural remedies to get rid of all these problems and thus, improve our future and destiny. Remedies for Jupiter. Such a Moon in Taurus or Cancer, in an angle, or in the XI house will give extremely favourable results. Vedic astrology is a world full of discoveries. Ok. When the moon is also placed therein, this house will come under the combined influences of the Mars, the Sun and the Moon i. Therefore, it has a great impact on us. If 8th house is empty then Ketu would give malefic results. 00 HEAVY METAL TRIPLE MOON PENTACLE (3. Jyotish remedies suggested here are propitiatory astrological Remedial Measures (Charities) for the Functional Malefic planets. Shakata yoga: In Vedic astrology Moon and Jupiter are very important in deciding about the financial prosperity of the native,therefore if in a birth chart the natal Moon is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house with respect to Jupiter then this malefic Yoga is formed. Saturn if placed in own signs of Capricorn (Makara) or Aquarius (Kumbha) and aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus delivers different results according to Vedic Astrology. Saturn has always produced real saints like Ram Krishna Paramhansa. Chandra in 6th house Lalkitab Remedies. This can be started on any Monday in bright half ( shukla paksha He was advised that with the performance of astral remedies regularly he can be reinstated through a departmental appeal and without going to the court of law which could have taken a decade for the decision. Remedies for Mercury. Following a Vegetarian diet and avoiding alcohol is also a potent remedy for Saturn. When Moon is aspected by Ketu, it will give extremely malefic results and there will be loss of health, wealth and honour. It can also be worn on a Friday or Saturday. The sixth house of vighna or opposition and obstacles is ruled by the mooltrikona sign of the moon, this makes the moon a malefic as also moon is an enemy of Saturn as well. Detailed remedies for planet Moon based on Indian Astrology for the benefit of mankind. If there is Moon or Mars in 8th house then native's life would be short and he would have serious problem at the age of sixteen or twenty years. Vedic Remedies. There would be a lot of expenditure which will cause a decrease in the overall wealth of the native. Mental disorders and Remedies in Astrology. Your tires are bad since, you did not care about those in the past (past bad karma), so just think what can be the result if you happen to break (opportunity) hard!. Chandra Mahadasha: Chandra Dosh occurs when Planet Moon comes under the shadow of Shani, Kuja, Rahu and Ketu. 27 Feb 2014 Result of Moon in Various House and Remedies thereof in Lal Kitab the senses of touching and feeling are the signs of moon turning malefic. Each planet has its own benefic and malefic positions. MOON. However, the true picture can Astrological Remedies. Remedies for Malefic Influence of Moon. As per Vedic Astrology following are my observations: 1. • If position of Moon is debilitated in your horoscope then avoid taking milk every day. If malefic Sun is placed in tenth house (profession house), One’s career and profession gets affected. Being with Mars and Jupiter, 12th lord Moon is a functional benefic. A person will suffer from depression when Moon is badly placed in his horoscope i. On account of 8th ownership, he is a malefic as he is with Venus (3rd and 10th lord and malefic). If Malefic. Malefic Rahu means that the native must not take electrical equipment or blue/black colored clothes from the in-laws, or their son could be affected badly. Offer ghee in a temple. Offer in donation the things associated with the Moon, e. To avoid the evil effects of a malefic planet in the 8th house, serve the guests and others by offering them milk and water freely. Leo and Cancer then a possibility of a delayed marriage may be predicted. Moon is controlled your mind. Remedies for Malefic Moon in Horoscope, based on its placement Moon in 1st House or in Aries. If you have malefic Moon in your horoscope, do not drink milk in the night and donate milk in the Bhiaro temple. So if the Moon is hemmed between malefic in good dignity then malefic planets give us the capacity with strength force and do things that are right. Remedies:-(a) Wear silver. Content Rahu as a PlanetThe Significance of 8th HouseEffects of Rahu in 8th houseRahu in 8th house Remedies Rahu is treated as one of the most Malefic Planet in Vedic Astrology. Venus gives balanced results for this ascendant, if unafflicted by others. A malefic Moon  15 Jan 2018 As per Vedic astrology, remedies for Moon planet to reduce malefic effects or making chandra graha stronger in horoscope of both male and  Malefic moon causes depression, anxiety and other emotional and mental disorders. are also important solutions to the Moon planet. Navgrah Shanti Symptoms of Malefic Planets. It is masculine by nature and controls male ego, agriculture, real estate business, siblings, cousins, debts, mantra sastra, spinal cord, Hemoglobin in blood, bone marrow, courage, daring acts etc. Thus net gain would be negligible. org. Chandra graha shanti puja is suggested and conducted by vamtantra to reduce the malefic effects of moon and enhance the benefits of the chandra graha. Deity-The presiding duty for Moon is Varun (water) but if Moon is strong, worship Goddess Durga; Kaali if Moon is weak and Chamunda if Moon is in Aries/ Scorpio. Saturn/Shani Retrogression will happen on the 18th of April 2018. Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon + Mars If Mars is also malefic, native fails in love affairs and suffers on account of women. Those who are born with Moon Sign as Gemini, Cancer and Libra will get average results. Eat food in iron vessel. Jupiter is the karaka planet for money, growth and children. Learn About Moon Mahadasha good or bad Effects and time period, marriage in Moon mahadasha, remedies,career effect,mahadasha interpretation and  The influence of functional malefic, the Moon, and weakness and affliction of conception, for which she had both medical treatment and astral remedies. To reduce their negative impact , we need to follow these remedies : Sun: If sun is weak or malefic, person will always have excess saliva in his mouth. Remedies For Planet Moon in the Horoscope. - Remedies include offering of wheat dough daily, particularly on Mondays to a cow. However, if there is the Yoga (association) or Drishti (aspect) on the Moon it will become a benefic. Some of the general remedies to combat the malefic effects of Saturn If Moon and How to Minimizes the ill Effects of Rahu Ketu Transit? Here are some of the Remedies for Each Moon Sign to cope up with the malefic and ill-effects of It. Moon or Mars is situated in 6th House in horoscope- Ketu gives bad results to the native. Serve milk to your father with your own hands. At a glance on the horoscope, a good astrologer can conclude, which precise areas of life, will your malefic Sun affect the most. Transit Saturn's movement in your rasi, previous rasi and the next rasi for 7 and half years period is called 'sade sathi'. If you are facing the problems of a malefic Moon, you are advised to perform the following remedies. Mars is a Maraka lord. Giving mustard oil works wonders to reverse the malefic effect. When […] One who has Pitra Dosha in their horoscope might face troubles related to their children, domestic happiness, finances and health. Effect of Saturn and Moon Conjunction or Vish Yoga. Remedies and Mantra-Stotram to please Rahu-Raghu, the North Node of the Moon Remedies to please and calm the malefic effects of Rahu you are under dasa of Find out Remedies for Malefic Saturn. Offer 400 gm coriander or almonds, or both in Lal Kitab Remedies and Tips (Part II) The remedial measures of the Lak Kitab (Red Book) for individual planets are given below. The main deity of Buddha is Vishnu. Chandra (Moon) in 6th house lalkitab remedies, solutions, pujas, vratas, stones. So Jupiter is overall neutral. If you use the products of Mars while bathing, its malefic effects may be reduced. 1) Effects of Rahu in Various Houses –2) Results of Rahu Mahadasha and 3) Effective Remedies for Malefic Rahu Rahu and Kethu as Planets in Vedic Astrology:- R ahu the North node of the Moon, known as dragons head is treated as a planet in Vedic astrology. Moon is debilitated and Lagan or Navamsha chart and with malefic. If Rahu is in this house, then as per astrology, the native will get a higher position and get good results from the government. Avoid the colors orange, pink and gold; and rubies. Listed below are a few powerful remedies for the Rahu Mahadasha. An afflicted Moon can also mean that the native will not rise high in the political sphere, as Moon is the Queen in the Celestial Government ( Rajanou Ravi Sheethagu ) ! Amavasi means that the Moon is afflicted by the Sun, who is considered as a natural malefic in VA. It is one of the most auspicious planet in the horoscope and if is well-placed it gives excellent results. But the combination of certain planets like Sun and Saturn; and Mercury and Moon is not harmful. Know how to remove the bad influence of all the nine planets such as Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu. Moon. Malefic Sun : Throw Jaggery (Gur) or wheat in river 3. Due to weak Mars death of newly born baby in the family, problems in eyes, abnormality in blood, pain in the joints, views difference and ruined relations with brothers may also began by inauspicious Mars. belgiri in water and mix it in the bathing water as a remedy for Mars. Donating monochrome plaid blankets to the needy, homeless and underprivileged is one of the most effective remedies for Rahu & Ketu dosha. The power of light in the sky, the temperature of the earth, the power of presentation and progress are represented by the sun. Its effects and influences are felt with greater intensity and for longer periods than any other planet. Remedies to remove malefic effects of moon 1. Give articles related to Rahu on Saturday To Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab, Tantrik remedies for malefic Mars in 12 houses of horoscope. (2) If the Moon is with the Sun in the 4th house, the native will earn great profit through certain new researches. Never insult a woman if you want to keep the negative effects of Venus at a distance. Traditional remedies pacify the planets and reduce their malefic influence. Never take a silver gift or accept silver as donation Remedies for Weak and Malefic Moon. Native’s health will not be good when Sun, Moon and Mars will come in to fifth house in Annual horoscope of native. If, Moon is debilitated, conjoined or aspected by malefic and natural cruel or enemy planets, native may suffered due to sickness in childhood, trouble to mother, unlucky generally, psychological disturbance, moody, timidity, ill placed & malefic Moon is found in the criminals, insane and lunatics and neurotics. Remedies for malefic Saturn in 12 houses By Admin As the slowest moving planet and the chief signification for longevity, Saturn is a barren, binding, cold, dry, hard, defensive and secretive planet. To cast of the malefic effects of Moon, one should worship Goddess Bhuvneshwari or Lord Shiva. If Benefic The other gems which can be worn for Rahu are Brown Agate and Brown Tourmaline. During the sub-period of the Moon in the main period of Ketu, the native lost his job. It should first be put on a Wednesday, when the moon is waxing. There are a few remedies which as per astroYogi astrologers can be followed to reduce the ill effects of Rahu and Ketu: Sign up with astroYogi and consult our team on your planetary aspects and the suitable astrological remedies. Whenever Pitru Dosh is found in the native's birth chart, besides regular remedies, one should offer food to crows, street dogs and sweepers during 'Shradhas' (the lunar paksha dedicated to the forefathers). Astrology provides some remedial methods to pacify Mars from enforcing its malefic influence on you. Shani Dev rewards or punishes us based on our karmas. Offer Bel patra and flower of Dhatura to Shivji. Malefic Rahu Effects and Remedies In astrology Rahu is tamas asura (demon). Natives having a malefic Saturn in horoscope should also donate shoes to beggars and homeless individuals. The person will have a bad relationship with his father if Rahu is malefic in 11 th house. lalkitab malific planets remedies remedies of Lal Kitab according to malefic planets. No effect can be seen for the remedies observed either before dawn or after sunset. Malefic planets – Mars and Moon are the most malefic for this Remedies for Malefic Mars in Horoscope. Apply turmeric or saffron as tilak. Other malefic planets are Venus, Rahu, Ketu and Moon Neutral planet – none Capricorn Ascendant Benefic planets – Venus is the most benefic planet for this lagna and the next benefic planets are Mercury and Saturn. Astro Remedies 3. remedies for plants do work and this is linked to the strength of the (9th) fortune lord, the planet representing God’s Grace (Jupiter), or Lagna lord. Remedies for Saturn: Brushing your teeth with toothpaste that includes Nim tree as an ingredient is an effective remedy for Saturn. a) Make your Moon strong by drinking water in the Silver Glass. Thus, the remedies are sorted according to who is good or bad in a chart. The ring is worn on the middle finger. 2M Remedies for Moon. The suggested remedies are to be performed daily in the morning after bath and before breakfast. Maha Dasha of Rahu can either be the best time of one’s life or can put one in major complexities. Hence worshipping Lord Vishnu helps ease the malefic effects of Mercury. Results of Moon -Rahu dasha | Rahu vimshottari antardasha under Moon Mahadasha The shadow planet Rahu is perceived to be highly malefic and it's the one which brings much adverse effects upon human life and could turn things into negative appearance. Moon is considered a benefic planet yet she is able to give negative and disastrous results if placed adversely in a horoscope. 8th house is also a Negative house in Astrology. Rahu Graha Shanti. , marry either before 24 years of age or after 27 years of age. Moon – Chandra Graha in Astrology, Moon Planet Characteristics, Nature of Horoscope Remedy, Moon governs Mind and Mother, Karakatwas of Moon, ill placed & malefic Moon is found in the criminals, insane and lunatics and neurotics. The remedies given in this post are selected Totke, based upon those given in the Lal Kitab to negate and rectify the ill effects of the Moon, being in an adverse, unlucky or malefic position in any of the 12 astrological houses of a horoscope. Do not build a house out of your earnings between 24 and 27 years of age. The remedies affect a certain measure or reward if some rice washed with milk is kept nearby before beginning the observance of the prescribed remedy. Proper remedies should be carried out to pacify such Moon. Saturn in Red Book, Lal Kitab, Lalkitab in Hindi, Lal Kitab Upay, Free Lal Kitab Remedies, Lal Kitab Expert, Lal Kitab Consultant, Lal Kitab Vastu Consultant, Lal Kitab Tips, Lal Kitab Horoscope, Lal Kitab Kundli, Vaastu International, Delhi, India Income may be good, but so would be the expenditure. Moon as 5th Lord conjunct with Saturn, Rahu and Mars is placed in 5th or 9th house. To increase the effects of a benefic Moon in the horoscope Remedies to be done are as such : 1. Malefic moon causes depression, anxiety and other emotional and mental disorders. (3) The Mercury in the 10th or 4th house will make such a native a renowned trader. Saturn in House VI. Vedic Astrology talks about neutralising the malefic planet in a house so that the beneficial planet can shower its goodness. Serving a black cow is believed to help reduce the malefic effects of Venus. Moon Malefic Effects Remedies: Remedies to please Moon and cure Chandra Dosha/Moon Malefic Effects, people are advised to donate Rice, grains, Camphor, White-cloth, silver, conch, white sandal, white flower, sugar, bullock, curd and pearls. Remedies for Planet Sun, if benefic in a horoscope, following remedies should be performed as mentioned below: 1. Saturn creates a feeling of detachment from the worldly affairs and creates interest in spiritualism. • You can also donate gems related to Moon. When will one require remedies for Moon in Astrology? Look at your horoscope and see the position of Moon. The sanskrit word Ku(earth) + ja (born from) signifies how this planet is formed. Effects of Ashtam Shani Remedies to get over the malefic Shani in 8th house Namaste to All, Transits play a very important role in astrology and are considered very crucial while making the predictions. Also I want to become loan free and have a peaceful and happy prosperous life. Astrology Remedies for Moon or Chandra. Remedies for Moon: removing malefic effects of planet Moon, Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon, Vedic Remedies for Moon. Saturn has been regarded as Most malefic. , wheat and jaggery when a son is born. Despite of this , some people will start raising questions for getting the positive energy of Ketu. Chandra Grah Mantra: To nullify Chandra Dosha, chant of Chandra Grah Mantra is recommended. Remedies of Lal Kitab for malefic planets : Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun : Throw gur/ copper coin in flowing water. For removing effects of malefic Moon, Mantra and Stotra related to Moon are chanted. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1. If Moon is severely afflicted by malefic planet Saturn; If Moon is in any watery sign and the lord of that sign is located in 6th house of horoscope and also aspected by any watery sign connected planet especially Mercury point toward Remedies. When matching horoscope in arranged matching, the strength 5th and 9th house on each horoscope is anaylsed to get the combined result on the effect of timing of conceiving and As per Vedic Astrology, these are general remedies for Venus Planet related problems occurring during the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus. The Natural Benefics are Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Moon and the natural malefics are Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun. The functional malefic planet Mercury is close to the most effective point of the ninth house and afflicts the ninth and third houses. Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon(Chandra): Offer in donation the things associated with the Moon, e. (4) If Jupiter is also with the Sun in the 4th house, the native will make good profits through gold and silver trade. While, for most of us, lifestyle and desires are one of the main reasons for depression. The Mental disorders are depends on the strength of planets Moon, Mercury and Sun in the horoscope of native because these planets signify Mind, Brain and Soul gradually. If Rahu is malefic in 12 th house, person will suffer mental health issues. all the 3 mutual friends will be treated as occupants of this house. Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon A person will suffer from depression when Moon is badly placed in his horoscope i. planetary remedies have to be performed in order to strengthen the affected or weak Moon and reduce the bad effects of the Bad Moon in your life. Herbs as astrological remedies,The role of plants in Indian society is indispensable,We cannot limit the study of Indian plants based on their remedial values alone ,we should also consider it from a holistic view for us to realize their importance in the entire spectrum of the country,when it comes to prescribing or recommending herbs, medicines and remedies. People should remove malefic influence of planets and maintain their peace. Loading Unsubscribe from Vaibhava Nath Sharma? Cancel Unsubscribe. It comprises gems and rudraksha recommendation from various point of view, remedies from Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab, recommendation for planets with Yantra, Mantra, Hawan, etc. If Rahu is Malefic for you then these remedies will help you in improving it. According to Remedies may help in decreasing the effects of Kemadruma Yoga. Reciting or listening to Harivansha Purana is recommended Start any important work after eating sweet and drinking water. Malefic Planets (According to Raashis) in the Birth Chart and their remedies during Marriage Ceremony. The natives might see snakes in their dreams or How astrological remedies help? Placement of Moon is bad or it is weak, perform remedies related to Moon and the native should wear gemstone after consulting an expert astrologer. Trials are meant for quick relief. Saturn […] auspicious and not harming the Moon in the 3rd, the education of the native will bear good fruits and prove advantageous in every manner. The native is lucky for ones father. Mercury turns benefic or malefic depending on its association with other planets. Always wear washed clothes. Positive traits of all such natural elements of sun are somewhere affected if sun is weak or have malefic influence in horoscope. There is no other planet which is as Cruel as Saturn is. Remedies: Reciting the divine ‘Rahu Beej Mantra’ many times, with conviction is advised by our expert astrologers to reduce the malefic effects of Rahu on your horoscope. Ganesha suggests remedies for malefic planets in horoscope. Gur( jaggery) should be thrown in running water. We also provide you astrological reasons for not getting pregnant. Saturn will become unfavourable and if the native is a doctor and treats his patients with adulterated medicine, it will destroy him. Strengthening remedies for the Sun should not be indulged in when the Sun is a malefic for your ascendant. To overcome malefic effects of any planets & strengthen the planet sacred pujas and yagnas/havan are recommended. We should have specific emphasis on constellation (its attributes, remedies, deity, tara relationship with natal moon’s constellation etc). Surya Dev and Chandra Dev or the Sun and the Moon are also worshiped as Gods in the Hindu religion. If you are born in the Gandmoola, Gandant or Abhuktmoola Yoga, then use suitable remedies for your goodness and prosperous life. In this article you will learn a simple, practical approach to Vedic astrology. It’s great to help the poor students and needy children to appease Lord Mercury. Distribute salty preparation. - Offer the beggars and the needy with rice. Even Sun is not enemy of Moon but when it conjunct Sun also disturbed peace of mind. B) If the Moon is making combination with Saturn If Rahu is malefic and the Moon is also weak then the native will suffer from poverty and native's mother would also suffer. There are several vedic mantras and remedies for the planets prescribed in various books of scriptures. Once communication is established Malefic planets – Mercury is the most malefic for this lagna. remedies for malefic moon

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